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Our world class experts can help you address your measurement needs to improve your product quality and customer satisfaction.

Flexible Designs

A modular approach to sensor, illuminator, and software-design allows us to efficiently configure custom solutions.

Dependable Instruments

Our track record is proven. For over 30 years, Stress Photonics Inc. has been an industry leader in stress and strain measurement.

Intuitive Software

Our instruments are paired with easy to use software and documentation enabling the end user to focus on the engineering task at hand.

featured applications

Our instruments are a match for a wide range of applications. Our GFP (Grey Field Polariscope) photoelastic stress measurement systems meet a broad range of demanding applications. High-speed, high-accuracy, and high-range applications are often addressed with our GFP2600 while lower stress level, smaller target applications are within easy reach of the GFP1600. The DeltaTherm thermoelastic product line excels when measuring stress patterns to verify finite element models. Easy preparation, easy measurement, and easy to understand results are the hallmark of all of our stress measurement instruments.

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award winning vision

In 1994, the Stress Photonics DELTATHERM 1000 was selected by more than 75 leading scientists to receive the coveted R&D 100 Award. Sponsored by R&D Magazine, this international competition honored the DELTATHERM as one of the most important new technological advances of the year.

The DELTATHERM was just the beginning. Our R&D capabilities and product developments have expanded to include quality control. From thermoelasticity to photoelasticity, Stress Photonics has grown and developed a full line of stress measurement products––many of which were spawned from meeting the most demanding applications head on. Our expertise and ingenuity reflects the manner in which we listen to our customers, learn about their problems and needs, and develop innovative solutions.

DeltaTherm 1000 c. 1994

Stress Photonics products and expertise in Photoelastic and Thermoelastic methods are applicable to full-field stress and strain measurement, and glass inspection.




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